Viva Engage and customized Communities app

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Several months ago I customized our Communities app in Teams by renaming it Yammer. This was to reduce confusion by just calling it what it is. My question is, with Viva Engage rolling out this week, will Viva Engage rebrand our Communities app if our Communities app has been renamed to Yammer?

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The app name and icon (in the left rail of Teams) won't change. But Viva Engage will still appear in the upper left of the Viva Engage window, regardless of what you've named the app.

So you might as well start using the Viva Engage name. Because it might be more confusing for people to click on "Yammer" and, you know, not get Yammer.
When the Communities app in Teams was changed to Viva Engage, we changed its name to Yammer. The reason for that is that we don't want to burden our employees with yet another platform, especially one that offers no benefit over Yammer and in terms of functionality and usability is actually worse than what we had with the old Communities app. That the "Viva Engage" name appears in the upper left of the window is unfortunate. It would be great if we could change that as well to fully hide the existence of Viva Engage.