Videos stopped playing in-line : Vimeo and Youtube

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We noticed this past week or so that videos from YouTube and Vimeo are no longer playing in-line in Yammer. Was there an update?


From a user experience standpoint, we prefer to have videos play in-line vs taking them to a different page.


While uploading videos directly to Yammer does make it so the video plays in-line, we aren't able to accurately capture views of the video (which is important to us for measurement).


Are there any other solutions people reccomend or is there just something glitchy right now with Vimeo and YouTube playing in-line in Yammer?

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I just tested and it Vimeo and Youtube videos appear to be playing inline for me. If the problem persists, I'd recommend submitting a support ticket.

Thank you! Wanted to check here first before making it official. :)