Verified Yammer Admin cannot delete groups or members


Hi all, I have created a demo tenant with a trial license and configured SharePoint and Yammer. We have a few active users who have created a few yammer groups. Fine.


I made one of the user accounts a verified Yammer admin. According to the documentation for the "New Yammer", that account should now be able to manage members and groups, but I find that it doesn't. I get errors for all actions I try with that account.


  • Trying to remove users from the community "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again"
  • Trying to make a user a community admin "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again"
  • Change community settings to Private Access, in preparation for deleting the community "There Was an error". Same when trying to delete a community.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem is? Do they need additional permissions? I only want the user to manage Yammer, nothing bigger, so I don't want to give them an admin role in the M365 Admin Center.




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Is your network in Native Mode?

After we upgraded to Native Mode then the Verfied Admins could no longer do this anymore, unless those accounts were also M365 Admins with the ability to manage users in M365 Groups. This seems to be an unintended consequence of this tighter integration with Microsoft 365 Groups/Azure AD.
Hi, just read up about this. I wasn't aware it was a thing. Yes, that totally explains it.

This means that the documentation for Yammer needs to be updated to reflect that, because now verified Admins can no longer add/remove people from groups they're not an admin of.