Using the same account as a verified admin for multiple networks

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We're planning a network merge and would like to use the same account (Global O365 admin) as the verified network admin of all the Yammer networks. The domains for the networks have already been verified in O365, but it looks like we need an account for each specific domain just to get a verified network admin there. Is there another way for us to do this or is this something we can address by creating a service request with support?

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As the domains have already been verified in O365 you should be able to just merge. If that's not working I would suggest creating a service request for escalation.

Expect the merge to work, but we would like to post an announcement in the All Company group of active networks to give people a notice of the upcoming network merge. Would like to use a single account for this as it would make it easy for us to answer questions users might have. Will create a service request. Thanks.