Updates from All Company - Go to conversation leads to SIGN UP not LOG IN

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If, in my "Updates from all Company" email, I see an article I like the look of, I see a "Go to conversation >" link. 


When I click that link I go to https://www.yammer.com/<mycompanyname.com.au>/threads/123456789?trk_event=dd_thread_click&allow_app_redirect=1


That leads me to https://www.yammer.com/<mycompanyname.com.au>


Expected taget URL would be:  https://www.yammer.com/<mycompanyname.com.au>/?show_login=true


I asked my IT dept if this was a config error, as I would expect to go to LOG IN not SIGN UP.  (After all, I wouldn't be getting that email if I was not already signed up!)  They advised it is a Yammer issue as this is not configurable.  Can you please confirm, as this does seem like an oversight.




I should say, from a UX perspective, the user impact is that I enter an email address and press enter (expecting login, but actually I'm signing up again!)  Sure, it's me not reading correctly - but I won't be alone, which is why we have UX experts involved in web design!


Thanks ;) 

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Is no-one else having this issue?  That might point to the fact this is a config issue after all, as I can't believe no-one else has picked this up.


If you are logged out, click "Go to conversation" and go straight to the Login page (not Sign Up), can you post and let me know?  Thanks :)

Hi Garry,


That giant sign up box always confuses people because it's not intuitive to see the tiny Log In beneath.


I'm not experiencing your issue, though--clicking on Go to Conversation from email takes me to the correct log in page as per this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/active-directory-branding-custom-signon-azur...


So if IT is saying it's not them, perhaps open a ticket with Support?

I'm not experiencing that either. But we have single sign on, so it just "knows" me and logs me in automatically even if I am (for some reason) logged out. Do you have cookies enabled on your browser? Perhaps that's the issue?

Thanks Becky - just found out today that, now I have Chrome as my default browser for Hyperlinks, it works just just fine. And the fact no-one else is experiencing it would point to an internal issue, so I've gone back to IT. Cheers ;)
Thanks Amy - I found out today that, now I have Chrome as my default browser for Hyperlinks, it works just just fine. SSO also works just fine via Chrome, so I've gone back to our IT dept. It seemed very strange to me that this could be a (common) Yammer problem but no-one else was complaining! Cheers ;)
Thank goodness for Chrome! I am glad it worked out.