Updated Yammer Mobile Doc? Anyone have one?


Hello friends. I've found this old 2014 document on docs.com (posted in the https://docs.com/officeitpro library) about Yammer mobile capabilities. I KNOW a lot has changed. Is there an updated version? Someone on our team would like to share it in advance of an event. @Kady Dundas I've looked in the Yammer Team docs and I see mobile mentioned in the Cloud Roadshow stuff - but not specific to capabilities. Is there anything? https://docs.com/yammer-team

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This would meet a need for me right now too!

Thanks for asking this! I need one ASAP too!
Adding myself so that I'm alerted when this is passed on to us :-). I need this and was ready to make my own. No need to duplicate efforts.

Adding @Angus Florance from the Yammer team.