Update the Yammer Desktop app for Windows and Mac to match the mobile apps

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I'd like to see the Yammer desktop app for both WIndows and Mac to get a modern upgrade to look similar to the mobile apps which are much more streamlined and have a better UI.

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Hi @Jeffrey Allen

Have raised this as a uservoice for you here

Would recommend you vote on it to push it up the agenda! As it can be some time before Microsoft reviews this, and if they ever pick it up, would also recommend raising this at the next Yammer AMA on the tech community when one comes up.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard, thanks, I upvoted yours ironically I also posted a new post on Yammer but don't know if the moderator had posted it yet.  :smile:  I also commented on the Yammer Customer Connection Yammer Group from Microsoft which I'm a member of.

@Christopher Hoard, I saw this on the Yammer Customer Connection.  yammerreplyonnewapp.png

Yeah, Mike and the team are doing a great job reworking and modernising Yammer. It wouldn’t make sense to do the mobile app and then leave the desktop app to look like something out the 1990’s. They generally look for consistency across the desktop web and mobile apps like Teams!

Let’s wait and see and keep cranking up the uservoice!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard, I agree and would like to see what it'll look like.

note that the Desktop version is basically a wrapper for the web version. So both of those would stay line lockstep (whereas Mobile is different).