Unread messages in Yammer groups don't decrease

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Hi. There's a thread going on my network where people are complaining the number of 'unread' messages in their groups don't decrease, even after they've read them all. The majority of these users are mobile, and their typical experience will be:

  • Log on and see their list of groups
  • Go to the groups with unread messages
  • Read them and the number decreases
  • Close the app and log back on and the same number of unread messages are there - and they're the same messages as previous. 


I've asked them to swipe left on the groups list to 'clear unread', and even though the number goes down initially, the messages still come back. 


A similar thing happens to me on desktop - see the pic. In this group these two messages are there every single day I log on in the morning, despite me going to that group and reading the message. It's the same with several other groups. 


Is anyone else getting this issue of apparently unread messages continuing to reappear? 

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