Unlinking Office 365 group from Yammer group


We have a Yammer group for communicating IT and service related announcement, best practices, tips and helping out our users with IT questions. I have e noticed that Microsoft have rolled out automatic O365 group creation of existing Yammer groups.

In our tenant, we have O365 group creation disabled for all users apart from a security group in which I am a member. This is to control sprawl and ensure only legitimate groups are created. However since I'm the owner of this Yammer group, this roll out has created an O365 group, with its own team site etc.

How can I unlink and remove the O365 group and make the Yammer group stand alone again?

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I opened a support case with Microsoft and unfortunately the only solution is to delete the Yammer group and re-create it by an owner who does not have permissions to create Office 365 groups. I have opened a user voice request for Yammer and will post the link soon.

Any news on this? I have the same need to unlink O365 groups from Yammer groups. Very annoying that we are forced to have them linked.

Microsoft can disable the "enforce O365 identities" feature and you can add a new domain/network (not possible after September). Enforcing O365 identities and having only 1 Yammer network is required for Office 365 connected Yammer groups. Maybe these actions result in the group being converted to a normal group, but I'm not sure as I haven't tested it. An IT community sounds like a perfect opportunity to showcase all the features. May I ask why you're not considering using the O365 group features? 

This is really insane. The way O365 Groups (and services that depend on it) have been architected, it is a mess. I've complained about it on this forum a while back.


If I've already created a private group and an associated private team site has already been forcefully shoved into me, then why should I need to create another group just for creating a public open Yammer group for wider conversations? Beats me.


And, why can't I create a modern team site without forcefully having to create an O365 group with a mailbox and calendar all shoved in my face in Outlook? Beats me.


Why can't I choose only the workloads I want, the way I want? Beats me. 


Because I don't need to create all that baggage for my Yammer groups. I only would like to have that for my Microsoft Teams, but would like to keep Yammer strictly on conversations only.
I agree. It seems Microsoft is trying to satisfy small businesses rather than enterprise ones with cookie cutter approaches to tech.
No change in this, the best option is to avoid auto-creation of Office 365 groups in the first place by ensuring users do not have permissions to create O365 groups. The only other minor improvement is that now you can move conversations between groups. So perhaps a new stand alone Yammer group can be created and the conversations moved to this group and then delete the O365 group. Here is the link to the user voice posted last year https://yammer.uservoice.com/forums/399627-yammer/suggestions/19443031-switch-from-office-365-connec...
This is interesting. Is there a how to on how to achieve that?