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Hi everyone, I hope I'm engaging correctly as I'm normally a follower not a poster on here! Does anyone know if there is a way, or if there are any plans, to hide specific posts, unfollow, or mute conversations? Other social media platforms have similar things and it would be useful to be able to teach an algorithm what I want to see and what I don't. For example, I really want to see people complaining about IT issues so I can provide support, and I'm really not interested in people discussing the football (which they are mostly doing appropriately in the social groups!). I feel like my feed is cluttered with a lot of the social stuff which can be nice, but is frustrating when I'm trying to get an overview of something different. I assume it's because there are more likes and responses to social posts than to the corporate ones!

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@kay-fsa There are few things you can do as an end-user and there are some things your admins can do.


If the items are in your Yammer inbox (e.g. an Announcement in a community you're a member of, or a thread where you commented) you can click Stop Following to avoid further notifications in the Inbox.


In terms of the Yammer feed, if you're seeing posts from Communities you're a member of but don't want to see - then consider leaving the community.


There's an Admin feature where you can Mute the community in the Yammer Feed. This means that posts from that community won't be shown in the Yammer feed for users - unless they are members of the community. For example, as an Admin I might want to mute the Cat Video community.


There are roadmap features to allow end-users to control their feed with more granularity.