Unable to see link to create a live event from Yammer


@Scott Tupper - Pulling your question/issue out into a new thread here in Yammer forum.


You mentioned you can't create see the "Create a live event (preview)" link in your O365 connected Yammer group, and that you can already create a live event in Teams and Stream directly, it's just the link in Yammer that is missing.


Have you double checked all the required things listed on the Yammer help doc here (https://support.office.com/article/live-events-in-yammer-4ece0ee2-c268-4636-bf2a-16e454befe57)?


I pulled out the section....

Here’s what needs to be in place for your organization to create a live event:

  • Everyone who participates in the meeting must have an Office 365 subscription that includes licenses for Yammer, Teams, and Stream (An Office 365 Enterprise E3, E5 subscription). If you are new to Teams, visit the Microsoft Teams help center. If you are new to Stream, visit the Microsoft Stream help center

  • In Yammer, your organization must have Enforce Office 365 identity selected, and you must be using Office 365 connected groups. For more information see Enforce Office 365 identity for Yammer users and Yammer and Office 365 groups.

  • You must have a Yammer group that includes everyone who will be invited to the live event. For more information, see Create a group in Yammer and Manage a group in Yammer. The All Company group can’t be used for live events.

  • Your organization must have enabled Teams in order to enable event creation. For steps to enable Teams, see Microsoft Teams getting started guide for IT admins. For External Encoder events, this does not mean that attendees need Teams enabled, as they can attend directly from Yammer. If you would like to use QuickStart events, attendees will need Teams enabled.  More information on these options can be found below.

@Trista Kang - Any other ideas to check?

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@Marc Mroz Thanks, I will keep checking on my end.

Hey Scott, are you an admin of the O365 connected group?  In Yammer, due to the potential of a large audience, we currently limit the people who can create live events in Yammer to group admins.

Yes I am.  Actually with this test group I am the only member.  Perhaps a setting that my O365 global admin has control over?

I sent you a private message so we can discuss details about your group offline. Thanks for reporting!

We do see the Create Live event option in a Yammer - Office 365 Groups group and we are able to run a Live event as explained but we are not able to create a Live event from within a classic Yammer group without using Teams. Ideally we do want to have the Live event option available in Yammer without the need of using Teams. Is that possible ?