Unable to remove users from network as a network admin

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My problem is as the above subject matter. Upon clicking remove users under the users tab, microsoft 365 sales prompt appears as below. Help!



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@hsvoon Kind of hard to know what is going on without more info. Is this Yammer network connected to an M365 tenant? What kind of subscription are you on?

thx for your response. I think the Yammer network is not connected to a M365 tenant. I don't think we are on any subscription plan. As far as I know, this network was created quite some time ago, users were invited to the network by their yammer account. Removing users from network was never a problem until this incident happened.

Could this be the result of the integration process every since Yammer's acquisition by Microsoft?
Assuming that it is, can i remove users after i get the tenant subscribed if the account hasn't already?
Or do i have to get all users subscribed for the 'user remove' function to be restored?