Turn off yammer notifications company wide

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I got a question regarding Notifications in Yammer.

We have a client who wants to turn of all Email notifications for there employees.

Is it possible?


If yes how can it be done.


thanks in advance.


Paul Keijzers

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Nope, this is currently a user preference, not a company preference. One approach is to see this as an opportunity to teach employees about the value of Yammer. Once they get the value, they'll want to set their notifications in ways that work best for them.
:( i saw in the ui it is only possible to set daily or weekly notifications. Which my client does not want as they do not read there mails that much.

If you're referring to the "digest", there's also a choice for "never". 

Hi Patricia,


thanks for the reply but it is important to have 1 switch for the whole company.





You can block them using rules in Exchange Online, but not from the Yammer end.


I'm using Yammer too in my company and the chance to change the setting is disappeared.

Can you please explain me how to to it as some business partner are asking this to me too?



Hi Laura, this thread is over a year old and lots of changes have occurred within Yammer since then.  However, a couple of others stated here that turning off notifications at the top (company) level is not an option and, as far as I can tell, that's still the case.  However, you may want to check with your Network Admin or O365 Admin to be sure for your tenant.  Hope this helps.

There's still no way to do this from the Yammer side. As noted elsewhere, it's possible you could set up some rules in Exchange to block emails from Yammer.

Enable or disable Yammer email and phone notifications - Microsoft 365


By default, email notifications and device push notifications are sent after a short delay. For information about the notification delay logic, see the FAQs section.


If you receive a notification and don't respond by reading the new activity on Yammer, you won't receive further notifications for the same thread. This prevents notifications from piling up when you are away from Yammer for a length of time.