Turn off posting in All Company except Admin

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Hi Yammer Team, may I know how to turn off posting in All Company community of our network except for admin. I tried to follow the guide in Manage Communities. But it didn't work at all, no settings appeared on it. Do I need to be a Global Admin to turn this off? I am currently a network admin on our network. Please advise. Thank you!

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It is in the Settings for the community, which doesn't seem to be shown to you based on the screenshot.

You have to be a global admin or a Yammer Verified Network Admin to get to the settings for All Company.

@Kevin Crossman , I've also checked it with my Manager with a Global Administrator rights on our Microsoft 365 network and it seems like there is no options/settings for All Company to turn it off.
Attached image the settings of global admin account options and All Company community on his end

Thank you very much for addressing my concern.


verified network admin.PNGallCompany.png

Not sure. Suggest reaching out to MS Support via your enterprise support process.
Can you please confirm if you and your manager are community admins in the All company community?