Troubleshooting assistance needed: user profile info missing


We have had a lot of new users in Yammer recently during a pilot phase of our implementation.  Something unexpected occurred with a few of them and I need some help with the troubleshooting.  For some people, they received an invitation to join Yammer with their work email account and got in successfully, but it isn't displaying their names or other profile info that is part of our directory sync.  Instead, the names appear like this "briangullett", and the other info is just missing.


I checked the O365 Admin Center > Users > Active Users, and the accounts are there with E1 licenses and all info is correct.  Any ideas on what might be causing this or how to fix it?  I tried to delete the accounts from Yammer and then invite them again, but that didn't work.


Thanks in advance!


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We have experienced similar issues but never found out the cause. Looking forward to suggestions in this thread!

One of my collegues @Ross Kovarik found this thread that appears to address this exact scenario: TechCommunity: Newly Joined Users username weirdness


Summary: the poster on that thread was informed by MSFT that it was a bug and was advised to use the bulk update users in the network admin area as a workaround to correct the accounts that need it

Here is the response from the ticket:


"Action Plan:

As I checked the service request, I understand you are facing issue with the display name showing incorrect in Yammer and I also see that you have explored regarding this same issue on Microsoft tech community forum before creating the support ticket, I really  appreciate for that.


Yes, we have received multiple tickets regarding this issue in past, however what has been isolated is that this issue occurs in below scenario.



  • Other users sending Invites to the affected users from Mobile App, and since the user has not joined in Yammer it creates a pending user in Yammer until the user joins. If the user clicks on the invitation Email, instead of browsing to and clicking on Yammer tile, since when the user clicks on Yammer tile, the profile attribute sync is initiated from Office 365 to Yammer.


  • Also we have seen if the users are imported in Yammer using bulk update feature before actual user sings in to Yammer and creates own profile than this issue arises, since when the actual user logs in the profile is not correctly Mapped.


  • User not singing in to Yammer correctly instead browsing to and clicking on Yammer tile, directly logging to Yammer from URL / Mobile App, since this doesn't initiates a  profile attribute sync  from office 365


Since we have received multiple issues for Profile attribute sync this has been already highlighted to the product team, currently they are planning to sync the Display name of office 365 / Azure AD to Yammer as currently the First name and Last name is syncing which creates confusion.


However we don't have any specific timeline as when this will be in production, I hope you can understand that bringing the changes to Product globally may take some time."