Translations errors on welcome posts

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Hi Everyone¡¡


I don´t know if this is the correct channel to report a bug in  welcome post, but when the user logs in to yammer, the system automatically creates a welcome message, the problem is that this message comes in a combination between Spanish and English (if I have a selected language Spanish), i think that this kind of bugs makes Yammer more difficult to adopt by user inside the company, many of my users don´t have any idea about english.


I hope that somebody helpme or please showing me the correct way to report this bugyammer translation.png

Thank you so much in advance.

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The Yammer translate function has ceased functioning from desktop browsers at our company, though it continues to work on mobile client and citrix client connections to Yammer.  We have an open ticket with Microsoft. Since we operate in just about every country for which Yammer's Bing translate function offers support, this is a huge inhibiter to adoption during our global roll-out. My guess is we are blocking the path to the translate API, but engineering at both Microsoft and our company is yet to offer any root cause. 


Anyone else having this experieince?  Any suggestions on troubleshooting?  #translate

Quick update: mobile app seems to always show Translate, while desktop browser does not.  Certain "supported" languages do not Translate. 

Yes, I have the same problem with many different customers here in Spain. That's a big issue for Yammer in the way Microsoft tries to deploy their services worldwide.

We opened and escalated a ticket with Microsoft to get this resolved. In the process we found that Portuguese translate had been completely disabled as well.