Translation error in Yammer GUI - What are you working on?


When you're in Yammer English you see the phrase 'What are you working on?' where you can start a post.


In French MS translates this to 'A qu'est-ce que tu travaille?' .


Anyone know where and how to report translation errors in the product since this is not a correct French sentence :) 


At the very least it should be ' A quoi travailles-tu en ce moment?' or seeing as the French like more formal communication, 'A quoi travaillez-vous en ce moment?'


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I know the Yammer team do monitor the Tech Community so they might have picked this up already. I cannot recall there being a specific channel for reporting bugs. Depending upon your role / subscription then you could use either the Enterprise Support or Premier Support route:



I've had success by simply tweeting my feedback to @yammer 

I've shared with the product manager team responsible for this.

Hey Simon, thanks for your feedback. I should've thought about Twitter :) 


Great @Angus Florance  :) Thanks for reporting it further down the line.


Guess I will see in a few months if it got past all the requirements :)

Quick update for you Steve. This changed has been flagged and is being worked on. I'm chasing an ETA but hoping it should be too long. Will just depend on prioritization amongst other items.

Wow great news Angus :) Didn't think it would be picked up this fast seeing as it's not a technical bug but super to see that it is.


Thanks for keeping the thread updated!


Kind regards