Topics - Yammer Topics vs Viva Topics vs. Cortex

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What is the latest on Topics, when can we start editng Topic pages and curating knowledge. Topics come up in Yammer, now in Viva Topics, and in Cortex, but no clear image or vision of how it is coming together?


Does anyone have the magic decoder ring?

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I am unsure, but I am also wondering... what is the point in using both Viva and Yammer? Viva feels like more strange DLC from Microsoft. I am sure it could be useful for some, but I am not seeing any use for our company at least. 🤷🏻‍:female_sign:
Yammer is more conversational. Although then there will be Yammer Topic pages?

Viva is like a wikipedia on demand (in context). If it shows in Word and PPT (on the PC based applications, not just in the web versions), it could be powerful for new employees. I suspect it will only be in the Web based apps and sharepoint pages (which we don't use). I can't see paying an extra subscription per person per month to get it. I don't see the value there.

Ah, OK. Our company already has an internal knowledge base (using hubspot) so does not seem relevant for us. If we did not already have this in place though, yeah seems useful.

Thanks for clearing that up though! :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: