Topics in Yammer Post - only records the first hashtag



Is anyone else seeing this issue where when you post something with two hashtags, Yammer records only the first hashtag mentioned in the post?


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YammerMultiHashtags2016-07-18.pngJust tested in my home network - seems OK


Hey John. Thanks. I discovered that if you type in the "Update" box the hashtag - it will take. If you copy + paste a sentence from another place (like word, or Facebook or something) the copy and paste does not let Yammer recognize the hashtag as a tag. It just thinks it's regular text. I was using Google Chrome too. Good to know for the future. If I want the hashtag to work, I have to physically type it in Yammer, not copy and paste from somewhere else. 

Just tested this - it works on our network.

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