Topics in Yammer Post - only records the first hashtag

Amy Dolzine


Is anyone else seeing this issue where when you post something with two hashtags, Yammer records only the first hashtag mentioned in the post?


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YammerMultiHashtags2016-07-18.pngJust tested in my home network - seems OK


Hey John. Thanks. I discovered that if you type in the "Update" box the hashtag - it will take. If you copy + paste a sentence from another place (like word, or Facebook or something) the copy and paste does not let Yammer recognize the hashtag as a tag. It just thinks it's regular text. I was using Google Chrome too. Good to know for the future. If I want the hashtag to work, I have to physically type it in Yammer, not copy and paste from somewhere else. 

Just tested this - it works on our network.

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