Tips for holding a full company YamJam


Hi! We are a 70,000 person global company. We are going to host YamJams with each of our execs to explain each part of our 2030 vision and take questions. We will host them in our All Company feed to get more attention.

  • If we do it in a popular time zone we are afraid Yammer might crash or freeze if we get lots of respondents. Has that ever happened?
  • We usually do one-thread YamJams. Any benefit to having each question be a new thread?
  • Do you foresee any issues using the All Company feed? We just figured it was the most visible. 
  • Any other tips?
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Do not worry about Yammer as a platform being overwhelmed by your users.


Your users, OTOH, might be overwhelmed by the YamJam.  I'd recommend making a group specifically for the YamJam, or to leverage an existing group that is topically relevant. Better to house those conversations in one place; they'd be scattered over time if you use All Company.


DO NOT USE ONE THREAD. Have people ask questions and then have your execs reply to reach thread. Too much confusion if it's a single thread.


There is no problem posting into All Company saying "hey our YamJam is starting in the 2030 YamJam group" and providing a link to the group. Presumably you're also advertising on your intranet and in other places, where you can also link to the specific group.


Some good tips here


Good all round advice from Kevin. :)


Don't host the YamJam in All Company, but advertise it there.  Have a dedicated group and use a separate thread for each topic. We have run Yam-Jams for several 1,000 people at once.  With your potential audience you need to "guide" the topics, else it will be a free-for-all and questions all over the place.


Have a specific group (e.g. "2030 Vision") and then as the group Admin, make an "Announcement" for each thread header.  Have several topics ready in your back pocket, but only one release one at a time.  Topics might be : "Expansion into Country A" or "Research on Product X". We've had some events with only 2 topics in 60 mins and that was plenty. We had some in reserve if needed, but they were not. 


Additional tips :

  1. Get people to respond to the specific post (using reply-to within the thread) *NOT* the "Reply" at the base of a thread. This at last then keeps the context of the Q & A. 
  2. We've found no issue with Yammer handling the volume, but there can be latency in a Yammer group with multiple posts per minute (or per second), so good advice is to remind people to force a page re-load (Ctrl+F5) frequently to see the latest post.
  3. I'd assume that you'll have lots of extra "hands" for the Execs.
  4. If there are likely to be very obvious questions, have a brainstorm with the Execs beforehand and even script some replies to have ready. You can edit/adapt on the fly, but its is useful to have some prepared text.


Thank you so much Kevin!

Also very helpful Alan!