Thumbnails from SharePoint News not displaying in Yammer

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As per the title, I'm wondering if anyone knows why SharePoint News thumbnails refuse to display in Yammer feed.  This is mostly consistent across the different methods SharePoint news is displayed in Yammer (Promotion + auto-feed). 


There was a time this worked mostly okay, but now they never seem to load.   Is this a bug or can it be fixed in settings somewhere?






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Definitely something you should report through Microsoft Support
Have you encountered this before? As this is happening to me across multiple tenants, I feel like I can't be the only one to have noticed...
Yes, I reported... it got fixed for a while, and now I see it again.
We are experiencing the same, and we see no consistency. Some news (on the same site and with the same setup) shows the thumbnail when we share on Yammer, but others don't show the thumbnail.