The Members box in Yammer


In the top right of Yammer we have a Members area that has 4 members listed and then a number say 45 currently.  We have about 500 accounts, I am assuming the 45 means just those that have logged in since we have migrated ?


Is there a way to remove the Members box as it currently lists admin members that I'd prefer not to be seen there.



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Is this the All Company community or another community?


For most communities it is very important to ID the Admins (aka the community leaders/managers) and the total number of members, and that is very unlikely that the Members pane would be removed from the Yammer interface.

@Kevin Crossman yes I can see that now you say it, although this is for All Company and as such staff would naturally use our IT helpdesk rather than try people in the Members list.  I'll see if there is any way of re-ordering the list.


All Company is definitely a little bit different than the rest of the communities in the network (because everyone with access is automatically a member of All Company). The UI treatment for All Company now follows the same elements as other communities in New Yammer, which is nice because the network admins can finally apply company-specific branding to All Company.


I appreciate that the listing of the members and admins in this context is not as generally useful as for other communities, but the UI for this community follows that for other communities.


To your original question, yes I believe the number shown is active accounts (i.e. those who've actually logged in).