The Cost of a "Click"


A group moderator in my external network insists on sharing spreadsheets from Google rather than as an Excel sheet created in, or shared to Yammer.


The reason? A single click.


In our Yammer group, we can link to a Google spreadsheet, and the user will already find themselves in "Edit" mode after they have clicked on the file link, able to easily make the additions/changes they need to.


If an Excel file is used, instead, they must click on the file link, and then "Edit File" link to make those same changes.


The single click, and teaching our users the fact that they need to click the "Edit File" link, seems to be reason enough to go outside the Microsoft environment.


For a moment, I was cautiously optimistic that I could share a file while in edit mode (as there is a unique edit mode link for files), but when I tried to post the link in a comment, I got an error warning.


I don't think there is a solution here, but especially in external networks, it feels like sharing and editing files could be made a little easier and could help with overall platform engagement.

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There was a post and had been talk about files opening on edit mode by default and I keep waiting for it to happen so that should b working anytime now. You should be able to add an action to the end of the sharing link as well. When I get to a computer I’ll poke around but it should work.
I welcome any creative solutions you may have. Thanks!
well, if people in our org have an account they can use direct link to the file and tack on &action=edit to the URL and it'll edit right away, but if it's for external users I can't get it to switch over into edit mode. The default was supposed to be changed to that, so no sure what the hold up is over that or if they changed their minds. But if they do that, it'll fix your issue :P. this case, it is our external network. Hopefully there will be a solution soon.