Templates for emails to introduce Yammer to employees


There used to be a Microsoft produced comms plan to support Yammer deployment which contained some email templates with a timeline for pre and post switch on actions. Does that content still exist? If so could some one provide a link? We already have Enterprise Yammer turned on but adoption is not great and would like to encourage wider usage (no one pushed it when it was 1st deployed).

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Have you looked at

I'll see if I can find anything more specific.

Unfortunately I am getting a spinning wheel when I try to login to FastTrack

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Try going to Connect your organization and see if that works. Also, you can download all the related resources from this link.


Productivity Library - Connect your organization.png


It's worth browsing the Productivity Library for other Yammer related resources by using the search option. Also just to add, if you are looking for some inspiration make sure to checkout out some of these Yammer related sessions from Microsoft Ignite next month.


That's excellent, just what I was after thanks