Telefónica uses Yammer to stay engaged, aligned and more competitive

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Telefónica believes that by encouraging an online employee community based on respectful, enlightened conversations and problem solving, a concept it calls “intelligent altruism,” Telefónica will evolve from a hierarchical organization to a global community of engaged employees.

“The world has changed exponentially, and the way we communicate, work and socialize has, too,” says Aitor Goyenechea, director of Global Internal Communications at Telefónica. “Before, large companies like ours tended to be siloed, geographically dispersed organizations where real-time connections and conversations didn’t really happen all that much. Today, we are aware that digital life and technology is an essential part of human experience,” says Goyenechea.


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Lessons learned written down by Telefonica`s Yammer Champ and Head of Internal Comms Luz Rodrigo Martorell