Starting a conversation about Inner and Outer Loops

I’ve spent some time considering the user behaviour in inner and Outer Loops unveiled at Microsoft Ignite. I think this can be a useful trigger for users to consider when best to shift their work to another loop. This post attempts to start that conversation. Love to hear your perspective:
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Agree with this:

  • The transition phase between Inner and Outer Loops is also a reminder to all the enthusiastic and passionate advocates of particular collaboration platforms that transition is continuously happening and that tools like Yammer and Teams are ‘better together‘.

I really appreciate you beginning this conversation, and sharing your blog. Not only because you use the word "twigged" (a word I am sure I will read nowhere else today), but also because it encourages deeper thought about this important subject. Right now, I find myself stymied in a couple of ways:

1. My IT department refuses to turn on Teams as they are concerned about problems that may arise if a Team name is similar to an O365 Group name, and what problems may ensue as a result.

2. As a result of my inability to take a close look at Teams, I still find myself wondering about the advantage of a Team group ("Inner Loop") over a Yammer group (also an "Inner Loop") and the connection to a Yammer network ("Outer Loop").

Lots to discuss...looking forward to this conversation.
I’m sorry to hear you are so constrained. Maybe a Groups or Teams expert here could resolve your IT team’s concerns with Teams. Glad you like twigged. I’m enjoying your use of stymied.

Larry, MS Teams is based on O365 Groups. So, if there's a Group already in existence the folks who want to use Teams should be able to create the Team and attach it to the existing Group.


Additionally, there are some admin controls for groups, including ability to set naming convention and/or to specify which users can create groups.