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Hey Yammer Team,


I am sure this is not a new ask from the community, but one of the biggest pain points of Yammer is the lack of ability to sort by publish date.


At the moment, posts appear at the top of your Yammer Feed based on recent activity, but there is no functionality to sort by Publish Date.


Is this something in the pipeline as an enhancement?



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@nathanballau Try this:feed.png

@Kevin Crossman 


Does this apply to "New" Yammer.

I have tried switching between those to options. The content changes but not the sort order?


EDIT: Correction - the sort order may change (it's not obvious what it actually is in either case) however it does not appear to become chronological regardless of which option is chosen.

@PaulHolden All Conversations should be chronological with the most recent post shown first

@Kevin Crossman 


The posts displaying chronologically I understand, but the source of frustration I am reading about (and somewhat feeling), is around the original post/publish date - it would help users to be able to sort in this way and doesn't appear possible...

How about sort options by:

  • 'Most recent activity' to capture the Likes & Comments
  • 'Original post' 

There would be more to add to the list for sure, but this would solve the main pain point for many.


@GregCS I see. Yammer hasn't ever offered a way to sort threads by the original post date.

I am trying to figure out what determines the order of posts in a Yammer community. But it's baffling to me.

This is the order I see them in:

Jun 22 (pinned)
Mar 7
Mar 7
Mar 12
Mar 12
May 9
Apr 29
Mar 22

Within a Community, the posts are sorted with the Thread with the most recent Comment shown at the top.

Example: I create a Question post on July 1. Then someone else creates a Praise post on July 2. And then someone answers my question on July 3. So the Question is shown at the top because that's the thread with the most recent activity.


On the Home Feed the posts are sorted algorithmically, unless you change the sort to Chronological.

The current sorting mechanism (most recent comments first) should be ONE of the ways to sort content, not the only way.
You can sort on questions / unanswered questions, along with New or All..
How do you change sort order from algorithmically to Chronological in Yammer Home Feed?
See the image earlier up in the thread.
Thanks :)

That's the whole point, @DKTOA. You can't. You can sort chronologically by most recent comments, but not by most recent posts.