Some Yammer Updates in August...


You will begin to see these changes over the coming weeks:


User profile picture sync from Office 365 to Yammer:
Yammer will sync Office 365 profile pictures for users that do not currently have a Yammer picture set for their profile at login. Read more about managing Yammer users across their life cycle from Office 365.


Yammer Group feed on iOS:

The group feed on iOS now includes two tabs called "New" and "All", making it easier for you to find, track and manage conversations. This parallels the experience on the Yammer web application.


Mark All as Read:

This feature provides a way to quickly reset the Inbox count (by marking all conversations as read), allowing you to work more effectively in Yammer.


Onboarding experience for new Yammer users:

The site has been redesigned and we are testing a new sign-up flow which includes a new interactive onboarding user experience.

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Awesome! Definitely excited for Office 365 user profile sync and Mark All as Read, these are pretty common feature requests (I like to zero out inboxes)! 

Are we able as Yammer Admins to test the new user experience? We aren't able to see what you guys are doing with this so cant fill in any gaps that might be occuring in comms we want to send unique to our networks? Some ability to see what you are doing albeit screenshots of what they see would be really useful,

Hi @Angus Florance,


Very happy about the pictures going across to Yammer, however what happens to users who already have a picture?


Ideally we'd like to clear the existing Yammer pictures and switch over to Office 365 images, can we just bulk update and remove Yammer pictures?




The FAQ indicates that existing photos will stick. "Yammer will sync Office 365 profile pictures for users that do not currently have a Yammer picture set for their profile at login. Yammer will verify if the user picture needs to be updated on subsequent logins. Users who had previously uploaded a profile picture to Yammer will not get their profile picture updated from Office 365 at this time."


Separate question, is the photo sync dependent on using Azure AD Sync or will customers still using Yammer dirsync see this feature also?

@Chris Moon - for this release the existing photos won't be replaced. WE may look at this down the track though. 


@Geoffrey Bronner ... Assume it's dependant on Azure AD. Remember that the legacy Yammer SSO & Dsync tools will stop working from Dec 1, 2016. 

Thanks @Geoffrey, I spotted that in the FAQ. Because of that I was wondering in the second part of my post if we can remove the current photos from Yammer somehow so that an update from Office 365 is triggered when they next log in.


Will the photo sync only work if a photo is in Azure AD?  If we don't have photo syncing with Azure AD, but enable indivdiulas to upload on their own within O365, would that photo sync?

Yes ... Photos from their O365 profile will come down to Yammer if they don't currently have a Yammer profile. 

What those new user experience? Shall we have access to experience before going to entire corporate?

Any preview on what the new Yammer site will look like?

You can see it be either signing out of Yammer or just opening in a private broswer window. 

Yes - We will share more here once designs and testing have been finalized.
I see that this was updated to launch yesterday but our O365 profile photos are not syncing over yet. Please advise.
I thought you might like some feedback on the steps that you have added to the activation process and Yammer Admins or people who look after thier Yammer networks might like to see - what happens when someone joins (our) Yammer network - The interactive bit is a good idea but some of the things that happen when you activate a Yammer account arent what I would expect: 1. you can get a bit lost after you answer the question from the Yammer bot? As nothing happens untill you navigate away from the main pane. 2. The email that users get says - - Create a group!@ There might already be a geoup created be better if it said find groups of interest and takes them to the search first. - Share an update - takes them to the All company landing page but pops up with a screen to invite people. probably be better if that didnt happen as lets face it they don;t know who is and isnt on Yammer if they havent actually looked first. Anyway see what you think. Thats my feedback

Hi @Deleted and @Clifford Kennedy , here is the thread I was referring to.