Social Network Analysis on Yammer data

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I am a higher degree research student and my research is focused on social network analysis (SNA) of enterprise social network (ESN) data. We are trying to analyse the collaboration outcomes for employees using ESN tool Yammer. I am actively looking for an industry partner to collect data for my research an analyse it. The results will be beneficial to both i.e. industry partner and for me as there will be practical and theoretical implications of the study. Considering that Yammer data is private and confidential, I am facing challenges in finding the industry partner. I am not particularly interested in the messages exchanged but just the mentions that will help me establish links between the collaborating individuals. The study will be conducted only after getting ethical clearance from my university and the organisation involved. I am looking for advice related to data collection for my study or if someone is interested in collaborating for my research. Any advice in this regard is appreciated. 



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@kocharshilp Consider these vendors:


Swoop Analytics