Slack and Yammer

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Does anyone use Slack and Yammer both? If so, how do you tell people which to use for what purpose?  Some of our technical teams are using Slack more and more.


The benefits of Slack include persistent chat rooms across devices and tons of integrations (the latter is slowly coming the microsoft ecosystem).



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We're seeing an interest in Slack here as well, mainly to support developers, and integration is the key. Microsoft seems intent on maintaining multiple collaboration tools without really putting much effort into simplifying and integrating the user experience. If they decide to introduce some new Slack-like tool in response, the irony will be deafening.
I've seen that within a company, but not within a team. Teams choose the modality that's best suited for them. Chat doesn't work well for conversations that need to span days and weeks, rather than hours. It will be really interesting to see what happens when Slack introduces threaded conversations, which has been "coming soon" for a while.

I'm not sold on threaded replies for the 'slack-style' use case. Hitting 'Reply' in a chat box is very unnatural (at least for me). You see daily how people butcher threaded replies in Facebook and Yammer. But on those platforms the mistake isn't as obvious usually. However in a real-time persistant chat experience, it only takes one person to miss hitting that 'reply' link and the thread is busted.