SharePoint modern webpart issues - not displaying on first load or showing the same group




We're having issues with Yammer webpart on modern SharePoint site. We inserted 2 yammer webparts and configured to show 2 Yammer groups. On first load (fresh browser) it displays different issues:

  • both webparts displays "website did not allow connection"
  • only one of the webparts displays "website did not allow connection" other webpart displays OK
  • both webparts displays the same group on load
    • after page refresh it displays different groups as configured

We use "classic" display version of Yammer webpart.

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@Aleš Šavli A little hard to follow without screenshots. Suggest you file a bug through Microsoft Support.

@Kevin Crossman 

I know...for now we switched to "modern" design webpart and looks like it works OK. I will create some screenshots and will open an issue with MS.