SharePoint modern conversation webpart issues-First time user can't see the webpart

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in SharePoint, new Yammer webpart: Conversation is not working for the users that trying to activate their account fo the first time in SharePoint, it was working last week but now getting: "Oops something went wrong. Can't load conversations. Refresh the page or try again later." on all browsers. Any idea?
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After having a ticket with Support it's fixed and working now. Looks like something in the backend needs to be changed.

We have still issue - Yammer Conversation Web Part is not working with a message "Oops something went wrong. Can't load conversations. Refresh the page or try again later".  When I try to enter a name of Yammer group in setting pane, a message like "Search is not working now. Please try again later" is showing.


I would recommend submitting a ticket for the Support since they told me they did something in a backend to fix the issue.

@Alireza Rahimifarid thanks for this, did you have the Microsoft Suppoer ticket number by any chance? I have spent 1 hour on the phone with Microsoft about this issue and they've run fiddler tests and tried allowing several sites related to yammer URLs, and they are stumped. If you can provide the ticket number, perhaps they can take a look at your solution and apply it for us! Thanks!!

Unfortunately, I don't, but it takes 10 days to resolve, I would recommend try this on a different browser, different computer and send the fiddler to them.

@Alireza Rahimifarid Thank you for the tips! They still seem stumped even with the fiddler reports, but I have come up with a pattern of the issue so far.


The pattern seems to be that it is affecting all staff reporting to one particular manager, and that manager happens to have a different username with a period in the middle of his username, eg whilst we everyone else has


Anyway we'll keep it going and will try your tips as well.