SharePoint links in Yammer are ugly

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When commenting or liking a SharePoint item (page, list item, etc.) with Yammer Embed, it shows the whole ugly SharePoint link instead of the title, or any other useful information. I understand why there can't be a rich preview like with normal web links due to the parser not being able to authenticate into SharePoint links, but I feel that this should work at least a little better, such as what was done with Delve Blogs.


I know that this has been the case for a while now, but as we're trying to integrate Yammer conversations more in to our SharePoint Intranet, it's starting to bother me more. Is any work being done on this? Do I just need to be patient for modern SharePoint pages to finish rolling out?


Links from Delve Blogs seem to work the best out of any SharePoint page:


Publishing pages, not so much:


Same with list items (such as this SharePoint Blog page):


'Likes' are an incomprehensible mess:



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I'm reasonably sure that @Angus Florance mentioned that this would get better once the integration between Yammer and Gorups starts to deploy, and as that starts in January that's pretty soon.


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Yep, as per this blog: attachments are about ot get much better. In fact we will start rolling these changes out this week. 


What's not shown in the bllog but is also part of this change in that videos will also play inline. 

Excellent! Now I just need to try to be patient. Smiley Happy