SharePoint Conversations webpart not working

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My organisation has raised a ticket with Microsoft Support - 20584998 - but are not getting any support.


The Conversations web part is not functioning, the ability to configure the web part does not resolve - nor does the web part render in the page.  See images.


The initial response we got was that vanity domain names can not work for new web parts including both conversations or highlights - until we demonstrated that highlights does in fact work.  Now the answer is "I have no answer to this as any issue pertaining to conversation and highlight webparts, when associated with vanity domain is not supported for troubleshooting"


This is not very helpful and is creating a major barrier for adoption of this product within the organisation.  


Can anybody please offer some advice?


Have others experienced this problem?

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What are you using  to apply the vanity domain? 


I would have to agree with support, vanity domains are not supported so you are trying to do something outside of the service agreement. That may not be the issue but the fact that you have a vanity domain stops Microsoft supporting this issue.


Check fiddler logs for any errors as that may indicate a bit more what the issue is, usually support ask you to do this when logging a ticket so you may already have done that. Check developer tools in the browser as that may also give you some leads on the errors occurring. 


I have added both those webparts to a page and they are working ok in my tenant at the moment. 

Thanks @Andrew Hodges - good suggestion


You mention that it works for you - were you saying this in the context of vanity domains?



No, in the context of not using a vanity domain. 

@Andrew Hodges OK,,..


Using a vanity domain name hardly seems a reason for the vendor to not support through troubleshooting - especially given this issue will not be mutually exclusive to us as a single client.


Also Highlights does work - so would be surprised if it is vanity related.



This is still unresolved with no clear definitive statement on why Highlights works and Conversations does not - nor with a timeline on those customers who use vanity domains.

This is the Yammer issue you can find this issue here: Even submit a technical support case can't resolve the case, unfortunately Microsoft doesn't have a good support in Yammer