Set up Yammer group with contributors roles vs. readers?

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We have a use case for a Yammer group that is just for pushing content out. The core requirement is that only certain users can post content. The rest would be readers. Ideally the readers would be able to "like" posts.

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Any member of a group is a full participant (except for admin features). There isn't an equivalent to a SharePoint visitor role.

@Eric Adler, the use case where only certain users can post/publish information is so very often needed and used, but given that Yammer is all about 'enterprise collaboration' perhaps another tool would/could more naturally fit your needs?

This is actually something we've been thinking about looking into. For example you might want a group the only admins can publish to, but other could reply, but not start new conversations. Something like an 'Announcemnt Only' group. If this what you had in mind? 


The product team is monitoring so suggest dropping something over there. I had quick look but couldnt' find this exact request. 

yes that's it. a bonus would be a content publishing feature. though I am thinking there might be a way to use SharePoint as the content creation and Flow to syndicate content through Yammer.

I acutally have a use case right now where we want 'read only' Admin rights on a Yammer account.  This would be for legal/compliance reasons, and being able to capture posts/content for eDiscovery purposes.