Send a voice note instead of typing a message

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Can we send a voice message to private chat or on group instead of typing? does yammer allow voice messages?

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No, Yammer doesn't support voice messages and this isn't likely to change, though you can use attachments but I don't think that will help, as I'm assuming there isn't a playback option?  Check this discussion for ideas on bringing audio into Yammer -  Delivering Audio Recordings through Yammer.

In my organization we use voice messages, it's easier and faster than typing, can this be added into yammer, in the next update?

That would be a useful feature to have, check out the Yammer UserVoice site which is the place to request new features.  I already linked to a similar request to what you are asking for, unfortunately, they said they are unlikely to ever build this, so you might want to look at alternatives.