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Does anyone experience issues with the new feature "seen by"?  We have users with same IE 11 browser and version but some of them don't see the "seen by" after meeting all of the requirements to make it appear. 

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They are A\B testing it at the moment. So some will see it and some won't until it goes into release.

Thanks !

Are you part of the Yammer Services Update group? they notify of these things there.


You can sign up and apply here:




Will this eventually allow you to click on that "seen by" line and actually see the names of the individuals?

Even better would be to have the seen by count available programmatically.

@TIM FALKINS  I would love this feature as well.  I like seeing how many people have viewed my posts, but it would be GREAT to see who they actually are.  In an org of over 10000 people, I'm very interested in tracking this.  Does anyone know if this feature is on the horizon for future Yammer updates?  This would be especially useful in the analytics and the reports available in Yammer!

Also, these numbers are "unique" visits, correct? So if a user returns to the same post many times, it counts as "one"?