Scheduling Yammer posts: Announcing Cadence.

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Building on an earlier thread about scheduling posts, @Benjamin Elias and I have an invitation for you:

If you own a business or personal brand in social media, you understand the value of being able to schedule your posts to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The time you discover that great article or brilliant idea to share isn't always the best time to post. You've probably discovered Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, or Buffer, and your life is better.

This is also true for the social media that's internal to your company. If you manage a content calendar for an internal community or service, you will not only save time by scheduling your posts, you'll be more thoughtful and planful about them.

We've created* a working prototype of new service called Cadence that allows you to schedule Yammer posts to any of the groups or networks you own. Write your posts, stack 'em up, and then get busy with the higher-value work of nurturing the organic conversation of your community.

If this looks like a tool that would save you time and increase your impact, consider making a backing pledge on Kickstarter so that we can scale out the infrastructure and add some of the more advanced features we have in mind.  Pledges of sufficient size to get us to our goal will receive free service time.

* When I say "we"… Benjamin took our initial Yammer conversation and produced this beta.


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Hi guys, any news on this? Is it "happening" or did it get rolled into the Yammer roadmap?

As you know, I've been going through a bit of a transition, so it's thrown a few things on the backburner, including Cadence. We saw interest, but not what I'd call "huge demand," so we're thinking about our strategy here. We haven't given up on the idea - just looking for the right time, right model, right customers.
Understood! Just checking - someone was asking me about it today. Thanks! And GOOD LUCK!