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Is there a way to get RSS Feeds from an external source shown in Yammer? - i'm not talking about showing a Yammer feed in O365, but the other way around.

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Hi Allan,


To get RSS feeds in Yammer, you can use a couple of different ways.


One is a template available in Microsoft Flow (still in Preview as a service) here


An alternative is also to use a third party service from Zapier


I use the RSS feed to Yammer option myself, to get the RSS feed from Office 365 Adminstration communications to populate a group in our Yammer network so our users have awareness of changes coming. 

Thank you Naomi, much appreciated

Hi Naomi,


Is the RSS feed via Flow working for you. We tried and got an error message. We checked with MS and they said it was a bug that needing fixing.


Thanks, Alan

Hi I know this post is a little old but I need help with the opposite. How do you turn off third party feeds in Yammer? We have a feed that is posting from Zapier to our Yammer feed and I can't figure out how to turn it off. And the person who set it up is long gone so I can't stop it from his Zapier account. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That feed still has to make use of a Yammer account to post something in your network. Have you tried blocking the account via the Yammer admin page?


When enforcing O365 identities and licenses, then simply removing the license or disabling the account in AAD should be enough. Disabling an account in AAD should turn the account into a former member. 

Hi, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the feed is coming through a user who is actually still in the company - its just he doesn't remember how it was set up or is log in details for Zapier. I'll get him to contact Zapier directly. I just thought there might be a way to block RSS feeds in Yammer. 

Don't know of another way to prevent that from happening. Zapier has an authentication token for Yammer. Access to Yammer has to be removed there. 

Is the Flow template able to pull images or make a link preview (like a normal user post) in Yammer? 

I am interested in this too @Ulf Lundqvist - did you find a way to display images and/or remove html tags?