Request for info on Yammer / Yammer Enterprise capabilities - security delegation and read-only...

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HI all quick question related to Yammer and/or Yammer Enterprise.


Need quick answer(s) if possible, could not find on documentation for some reason...


1) can one create a group with some users read-write, and some other only read-only access?

2) can users be given rights to self-create groups that admins do NOT by default have access? Such as giving HR a group then letting them create additional HR groups with varying permissions (without IT hand-holding).


Thanks for any info!

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Hi Greg,


1) No, we currently don't have read-only group options. This is a feature request we've heard; if you'd like to add your voice you can submit your vote or feedback at

2) Any user can create a group – Public, Private (only invited members, listed in the group directory) or Secret (private and not listed in the group directory). 


Does that help?

1.)  No.

2.)  That's not really a yes/no question.  An administrator can get at any data within Yammer, just like any other computer system.


That's the quick answer.  Here's an expanded one. 


Yammer is a collaboration tool, not a publishing tool (hence the move of this network from Yammer).  The choice you have for group creation is either private or public.  Public is self-invite; private is invite-only.  You can also hide a private group, which just makes it so that the name doesn't show up in the list.  That's the extent of control, and really for a successful network you want as much content in public as possible, to enable what the great @Deleted calls "Serendipitous Discovery".


For the second part of your question, by default, administrators do not have regular access into private groups which they have not joined.  And if it's a private group, they cannot join without an invitation by a group administrator.  However, just like any system, that administrator can circumvent this limitation (it's called Private Content Mode) and invite himself or herself to a private group, but is discouraged by the UI from doing so.  Also, administrators can export data and thus can get at all content that way as well. 


For the third part of your question (the second half of the second one), yes of course anyone can create groups and it's exceedingly easy; no IT handholding is needed.  That is one of the beautiful things about Yammer.  It's driven by the individual, not IT.