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Hi, Is there a guide that explains how "related groups" work in Yammer and their purpose



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I have not seen anything verbose. They are a pretty simple feature, you make two groups related and a link to the other group appears in the sidebar in both. You can rank the order of those links. So I just think of it as a discovery feature.

Hi, I don't have a guide but perhaps this explanation will also help.


It is a feature that allows groups to be linked together (in a very basic way).


If for example you are in the "Excel tips" group, you might add the "Excel developer" group as a related group to the group page.


Visitors or group members of the Excel tips group will then the see the link to Excel developer group, which may  encourage users to discover even more relevant people, content, and conversations in that related group.

Another thing you can say is, when people ask you if you can create subgroups in Yammer and are preparing to be disappointed, that Yammer allows related groups that work in the manner that the others have said upthread. 


But in effect, you can use them as subgroups. It's the same number of clicks (one or more, depending on how many groups you have). 


One of my colleagues works on corporate webinars with a team made up of people across the company. He created a main "Webinars" group for general information and questions. He then creates a related group for each specific webinar that the team is working on, and makes sure to add "Webinars" as that little group's related group.


From the main Webinars group, people can then click into any of the related groups or click back to Webinars and choose another.