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Our HR department would like to be alerted when a user creates a group to see if it follows our guidelines (subject, naming convention etc..).

Is it possible to send automatically an alert/notification/e-mail to an admin when a user does that ?


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Not natively, might be possible to write a process that looks at changes via the API and sends an alert?

As a admin I get a notification that a group is created, as I set it up in Alerts in the security and compliance centre to notify me. An Admin can set anyone up to receive these.


Unfortunately it only says who created the group not what it was called. To find that out I must go to the Groups in the Admin centre, and go to the bottom of the list.


There might be a way to do it with the audit log search. An Admin can set up roles to allow non-admins to configure and get these reports.

I'll build on an ingenious hack first proposed by @Deleted. Every time a group is created, a post appears in All Company that starts with "has created the". You could set up a Microsoft Flow to send an email to any address you like every time that text is posted to All Company. You'll get a few false positives, but not enough to make it a huge pain. The email could include the full text of the post, which would provide the name and a link to it. You could also repost them all to a dedicated "new groups" Yammer group so that all could see them in one place.

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your idea, unfortunately that only works for public group. If you create a private group, no message will appear in 'All'.

But thanks for your answer.





Can you confirm the process you took to create the alert in Search and investigation.


I can create the alert but which category did you select?


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