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Hello everybody,


we use more and more the platform Yammer in my company. However, my colleagues and myself have problems with the inbox. It is always pointed out that unread messages are inside but all messages have already been read.


Does anyone else have this problem?


If I click "Mark all as read" in the inbox in the unread messages, nothing happens either. The messages disappears for a moment, but they reappear immediately.


Thank you for your support.


PS: There are also external groups. Can it have something to do with it? It still does not work editing messages here.

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Hi Rene,

In previous strings it has been confirmed to raise a support request as Microsoft can identify the root cause of it within the Yammer site.

Hope this helps. If I have answered your question, please like and mark it as the solution. I hope to answer more of your questions in the future on the community.

Best, Chris

Hi Christopher,


thanks for your answer. Where I can send a service request to Microsoft about that topic? I searched, but I don't know if that is the correct address I found.


Thanks for help and support.

Hi Rene,

No problem it is here!

Hope that helps. Appreciated if this is marked as the solution. Look forward to helping again soon.

Best, Chris

Hi Christopher,


I will try the support for business products.