Re-engage Employees with Yammer

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We rolled out Yammer in December 2019, saw some decent engagement. Now there is virtually none (I joke with my co-workers about it being a void where I only post things).

Has anyone had this happen and found a good way to re-engage their staff with Yammer? I think it could be super useful especially with so many remote employees who never see the in-office staff anymore. I suppose everyone is already using other social media for that, but I like the idea of a work-specific space. Tips, tricks, ideas? SOS.

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I would be interested in hearing more about this topic as well. We are testing out a few communities but no formal launch corporately. I admin a community where we have good reach/readership but engagement is low. I've found the announcement feature engages employees to read the message however rarely people will comment, participate in polls etc.
Completely agree, it's a great untapped internal resource.
I think there are various tactics you could employ, which would be modified from tactics for a fresh launch. What I would suggest first is understanding more about what your employees think and feel about Yammer. Is it lack of awareness / understanding / competing tools / cultural issues / technical issues with access etc. Understanding why engagement has dropped will enable you to focus on the right interventions to help reinvigorate it.
Whether it is a new launch or a re-launch, Yammer works best when connected to company initiates and use cases. Are there employee engagement programs at your organization? Work with those folks to leverage Yammer as part of the solution. Look for ways to engage - asking for feedback, observations, ideas, etc. as opposed to simply giving folks a place to post social post.

If you can get your leaders to be part of the discussion - asking for feedback, responding to questions, or simply commenting and highlighting the post/engagement as part of their team communications.