"YamThis" Chrome Extension

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This weekend I decided to have a little fun and try developing my first Chrome extension. I also had our orgs Yammer useage on my mind, so I combined the two and came up with the "YamThis" Chrome extension.


What it allows you to do is quickly post the current page you're on to your Yammer network in just a few clicks. It works off of Yammer Embed with OpenGraph, so you should also see any previous conversations in your network that link to the same page. For us, I can see it filling in the gaps in Office 365 and SharePoint for the areas that don't have a 'yammer conversation button'.


It's available now in the Chrome Web Store, so let me know what you think and if you find it useful: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/yamthis/fgeefhpaofppfmhbemhdedpkklhnhepb


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Fantastic extension, great initiative. Any chance you can build it for Edge too? :)
Definitely something I'll look into doing over the next couple weeks. Should be pretty simple since it looks like Edge basically copied Chrome for how extensions are built.