"Select Note" option missing

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I used to be able to add notes to conversations when posting a follow-up comment on a thread, but that option seems to be missing and I see a new "Select a file on OneDrive" option.


Has this 'add a note' option been turned off? I see that you can still start conversations with a note directly from within the note, but I'd like to be able to reference an existing note in the middle of a conversation (we've used them as help guides in the past).







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Wow, bummer. I still like Yammer notes, so it's a shame to see them deprecated here. I assume this is to prepare for the coming O365 Group integration, where a group gets a OneNote... but unless you can link to a page from a post, it's certainly a step backwards in that respect.

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Go ahead and click Select a File anyway--Notes and Files are now housed in one. I found this out when I needed to find a Note myself. This can mean more scrolling for now, and it helps if you know where your Note is housed. As @Chris Slemp suggested, I also suspect it's in preparation for the coming changes.

Oh my word, you're so right!! Thanks, Becky :)


By the way, lovely to see a familiar face on here - been missing the old O365 Yammer network!

Nice to see you, too!