"All Company" Community not available in SharePoint Web Part?

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Does anyone know why the "All Company" community will not appear in the SharePoint web part?  I'm having the same issue with the Yammer connector in Teams, so I'm inclined to believe this has something to do with the community itself.


Is there some reason this cannot be done?


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For what it's worth, I tried this in my test tenant and got the same results. However, I have found nothing in the Yammer documentation that mentions "All Company" not being discoverable...

Haven't gotten any feedback or updates from the developers on this issue, so I'm just going to add some screenshots.  This is what happens when I try to add the "All Company" community to SharePoint and Teams:




This screenshot shows that (1) the "All Company" comm. is a M365 Group.  The entire network was moved to "M365 Native Mode" a year ago.


Despite this, the community cannot be found with the SharePoint web part. 



Posts from the AC community can, however, be viewed with the "User" feed in the web Part.atrain204_1-1637591402904.png


The Yammer connector in Teams exhibits the same behavior of not recognizing the "All Company" community when searched.  atrain204_4-1637591954380.png





Lastly, while troubleshooting this, I found that the AC community settings are missing-in-action.  I've already opened a ticket with MS on this issue but haven't gotten any updates beyond "we're looking into it".



I am having the exact same problem in a lot of customer tenants, as well as my own. My hope was that this will be fixed when enforcing M365 identities, but judging from this post that does not seem to be the case.

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one experiencing this. I have a ticket open with Microsoft but they haven't come back with any answers yet.

Will follow-up when I know more.
I am experiencing the same issue, have anyone managed to resolve this yet?

@anthonycharman no updates yet, but my ticket is still open.  

Figured I should let you know that Microsoft has resolved this issue at last. You'll need your Global admin to open a ticket as MS will need their authentication to apply the fix in your tenant. if you need it addresses ASAP.

I've seen new tenants rolled out with the fix in place too, which suggests this shouldn't be an issue moving forward. However, I'm not sure what their plans are to rollout this fix to the masses.

@atrain204 Thank you so much for the update. I will get a call logged in the morning.