"All Company Public" Heading for External Network in iOS App

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Does anyone know the reasoning behind, or how to control this?


What I navigate to the All Network group in the iOS app, the group heading changes to "All Company" and says Public.


First, the inconsistency between "Network" and "Company", and secondly the term "Public".  Because this is an external network, our users are interpreting "Public" to mean public to the internet, meaning anyone in the world can login.  Of course, I know that's not true, but how do we explain this to users?


Is there any way to change the heading of the All Network group?

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The headings aren't configurable but this is a good example of feedback for the Yammer team.


It likely would be clearer if it said "Public Group", but possibly only up to a point in this use case. Am not sure what can be done because I'm not sure what nomenclature would be clearer. Yammer has Public Groups and Private Groups but that terminology is in the context of the network as a whole.



I've always felt that it should be "open group" or "closed group" to be more clear.

That sounds like a bug, Peter, though I can only go by the fact that I am not seeing this behavior in my External Network--but I also don't have the iOS app.


As Kevin says, the best way to explain "Public" vs "Private" right now is to include a slightly-cumbersome statement that "Public" just means anyone in the network can join and that the network itself is still closed off & invite-only & any other reassuring terms.


Count me in as one of the many who would love to be able to tinker with the default group nomenclature! :) 

Hi All,


Peter, I can confirm what you are seeing in the iOS app for Yammer. That is the behavior currently when moving from All Network to the "All Company" group view. I agree with Kevin - can't change it and good feedback to the Yammer team. 


I know that naming stuff is hard from having to do it with our own software product. But I certainly can appreciate your specific issue with an external network. 


The good news is if it really is shared with others, that is made clear. See attached.