Question on Native Mode: No External networks or users allowed?

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I was reading up on native mode and came across this bit (highlighted):



If no "network level guests" are allowed into Yammer when Native Mode is active, am I correct in my understanding that I won't be able to invite external users, even if they're O365 users?  


Does anyone know if/when external networks will be supported outside of the USA if my organization wishes to use Native mode moving forward?


For backstory, I've created a new external network for our champions program.  Noting that I'm in Canada, this means my organization won't be able to move to Native Mode for the foreseeable future.


I'm assuming this won't impact anything with the new Yammer experience later this year.

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@AlexH980 or anyone else. 


Customer I'm working with has a few questions about Yammer. 


  1. What exactly is Microsoft’s roadmap for external networks outside the US with the current release and Native Mode? I got the info: External network support for all Geos is on their roadmap, but got no details.
  2. Will the newest Yammer release support Sharepoint integration for external networks?

Please advise



This used to drive me crazy too, but I have given up.  I am a Microsoft partner but I cannot participate in the partner networks because I have a yammer License in an EU tenancy? I'm sure there is a reason for not even allowing me to participate in an external network, but so far I have failed to come across any explanation for why. I used to be a strong Yammer advocate but this have certainly made me angry enough to stop promoting it since it has no use for me any more. 

My organization have switched to alternative solutions outside of the Microsoft cloud. 


What used to drive me crazy was that I loved using Yammer. It was a great product. I guess it still is if you have a use case. I don't anymore.